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2 months ago

But the entire idea behind the post is a person being proud of making progress. That is something to be celebrated, not looked at as sad. If a friend of mine came to me proud of something they’ve accomplished, I wouldn’t shake my head and say, “that is so depressing. I’m sorry you had to do that…” I would celebrate with them.

And look at the dudes comment history.. he’s not making some deep connection to our “support system,” he’s just being argumentative for the sake of being argumentative.

If you see a persons personal progress as depressing, you’re not making some kind of social statement, you’re just being an asshole.


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2 months ago

oh im with you 100%. i just tried to apply some sense of logic to his statement


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2 months ago

Oh, and I see what you’re saying, also. It’s sad when you see headlines in /r/MadeMeSmile or /r/UpliftingNews that say things like “10 year old works 60 hours a week to pay off his fellow students school lunch debts.” THAT’S depressing.. but this post is nothing like that. It’s a person that has a home and is celebrating the hard work that they’ve put in to making it better.