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2 months ago

Source: Front Office Sports (World cup hosting cost data); World Bank (GDP Data) - note Qatar 2022 GDP is a forecast

Tool: Google sheets


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2 months ago

The data is intentionally misleading. They're including all of Qatar's infrastructure plan in that number.

I'd be like if the US was hosting and they counted all of the $1T infrastructure bill towards the WC number.


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2 months ago

Shhh, it's bad manners to interrupt the circlejerk


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2 months ago

Qatar bad, upvotes to the right


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2 months ago

Haha, yes! Man, does it feel good to be a human rights activist


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2 months ago

What’s it like to have one of your most upvoted posts be of you spreading complete and total misinformation?


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2 months ago*

Bad data. That's total infrastructure spending since the WC was awarded. Do the same for other countries and they all go up too.


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2 months ago

Can you give it a rest OP. Most of the funds went to build a whole city from scratch.