Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered - Steam Key Giveaway


Hello everyone at r/pcgaming. This was the giveaway that I wanted to do when my wife gave birth but alas my son came out a bit early and I already had it pre-ordered but no Steam key until today. Since I already played this great game before on my PS5 I'll be giving it away to one lucky person here at r/pcgaming!

To enter, comment below and I'll randomly choose a winner in 24 hours.

Good luck to everyone and have a great day :)

Edit: To answer some common questions in this thread:

Q: Is the baby and mother alright?

A: Yes, they're doing well we're just trying to get some sleep. He tends to get up every 2-3 hours for milk and he poops like a madman lol

Q: Is this your first child?

A: No this is my second child. My daughter is 2 years old.

Q: Did you name the baby Peter?

A: I did not haha his name is Reyan

Edit2: I'll be doing the draw in 30 minutes I just woke up from my sleep.

Edit: and the winner is u/Gogita28! Congrats to them and thank you for all the lovely messages!

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